Designer’s problems: Lack of orders. What to do?

Designer’s problems: Lack of orders. What to do?

Let’s be honest. Every designer (even successful) faces this problem on a certain stage of his freelance career.

Such “blissful” moments can be used wisely, for self-development perhaps. You could finish your personal projects, read useful books, reach out for the new heights in design, and take special courses like this one. Self-development is just remarkable, but it does not pay your bills. Let’s get back to our question, what is there to do when you have no orders?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, you could certainly try working for yourself and getting your products on graphicriver, themeforest, creativemarket, etc. You could also try a specific direction you’ve always wanted to try, like designing logos or t-shirts for brandcrowd and threadless respectively.

But I have to warn you, it’s not that easy to accomplish. Surely, if you are really interested in this, you are going to work hard and create lots of beautiful things that will be exemplary for young designers.

You have to understand that the way to success is always hard and it will take some time to learn most really valuable things. Let’s get back to real life and speak hypothetically. You’ve created 30 business cards designs, and only 10 of them were accepted by graphicriver, designed 10 logos and could not sell any of them, made 7 sets of icons, which are not sold well. Certainly you are not getting the income you’ve been counting for. Every designer might start doubting himself and second-guessing his choice of career path. That is the time to remember, no matter what you do, it’s priceless experience you are getting from creating your own business cards/logo/set of icons. But that is a different topic, so let’s get back to the main question here.

– What can we actually do with all these products you have been working on and could not sell?

Meet the “HUGE Bundle”

Successful designer lack of orders

“Go Crazy with CrazyFuse’s Bundle of Premium Graphics – only $17!”, “Business Cards Premium Collection”, “2,000 Unique Icons (5 different icon sets) – only $13!”. I am 100% sure you have seen such offers online. What is it and how is it going to help you?

Designers create lots of products that are hard to sell separately. Such products end up pilling up on their hard disk. Do you remember our hypothetical situation? Why don’t we try to combine our products in one deal and try to sell them altogether? Most popular solutions are mightydeals and inkydeals, but there are certainly many other options. They are offering plenty different deals to their customers. 

What do you need to do to place such deal? It’s just simple. You look for “Contact us” or “Submit a deal” button and start selling yourself by making a great description of the products you are selling. Follow the instructions to combine your products in one deal. Most of the time, such companies write the actual text of the deal themselves. All you have to do is to send in the suitable pictures of your products and name the price you are expecting to get for them. Keep in mind that making a proper presentation of your products with quality pictures is a key to good revenue, so give it enough time and effort.

You might think that it will not pay off, because of the low price of the product or due to the fact that you have to share the revenue with the company that runs the deal for you. But I can give you an example of a great deal by MightyDeals.

63 Premium Business Card Templates – only $17!

Successful designer lack of orders

How much do you think the designer got out of it? 2325.5 dollars! Giving that those business cards were just being stalled on his computer for a long time, that is more than impressive.

Always find how to use (sell) your products. You might be surprised how rewarding it can be.

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