Photoshop in Real Life or I Wish It Was Real

Photoshop in Real Life or I Wish It Was Real

There are so many people who use Photoshop to look much better than in real life or to make masterpieces out of their shots. Yet, the software can play a dirty trick with its fans. Making a hot macho out of a pantywaist, for example, is rather a mislead than an artwork. Drawing a fantastic picture in virtual reality won’t change your real life for better; on the contrary, such whacker will sooner result in more disappointments or even psychological trauma.

A picture speaks a thousand words… but with Photoshop, it tells a thousand lies!

We believe that if you look at the photo and can’t even think that it has been touched by masterly hand of a Photoshop guru, but you almost physically feel that this image turns your consciousness upside down – you are a lucky devil as you have found an artwork.

But let’s get closer to the topic of this fun blog post. It has been inspired by the super creative works of Flora Borsi, a young fine art photographer from Budapest, Hungary. Flora creates mind-boggling images highlighting different topics of life like identity, relationships, emotions and dreams. It is incredible how Flora manages to capture a complex mixture of human psyche strength and fragility. She visualizes dreams and fantasies unveiling what it means to think, feel, dream and express ideas in the urban world. Flora often features the female body. She hides and reveals the eyes or face leaving only gorgeous feminine forms in the focus. This way she explores the questions of female nature and the relationship between body and inner self. An interesting approach, isn’t it?

Flora considers editor software just a tool to complete her pictures. Her goal is to make an image look like a real, unedited photo and inspire the viewer think and feel.

May we ask you a question now? Are you ready for some entertainment? Then we offer you to have a look at fun Flora’s photo series named “Photoshop in real life“. Indeed, the idea is brilliant and extremely creative. Have you ever thought which Photoshop actions would be the most popular if they existed in real life? Now you have the possibility to see how Flora imagines that.

As they say: “Photoshop your life. Touch up the edges, adjust the tones, blur out the background, focus on yourself, and crop people out!

We bet this experiment will be interesting to watch!

This girl definitely needs to tweak the colors of her life.

1 Tweak the colors

Oh, not today, please, I have a date! This ugly pimple will scare away anyone!

2 Hide the defect

I need to look smart! Now!

3 Convert to smart object

Smudged red lipstick… Do you think it looks sexy?

4 Smudge tool

I want a cute Barbie nose!

5 Puppet Warp

Photoshop is like a magic wand able to turn a frog into princess if you have enough knowledge and skills, of course. Just agree that many tasks we complete in real life would demand less efforts if we had such software at hand. Still not sure? Ok, are the situations below familiar to you?

Do you think toddlers are able to drive you up the wall with their mouths shut?

5 Close

Stretch me your hand, build a mini-bridge

6 Mini-bridge

How to put a heavy leather sofa into a van? Cast a spell on it! Wingardium leviosa!

7 Moing the object

Don’t want to see the red lights? Remove them with the ‘Red eye tool’… Actually you can just remove the police car to avoid the problems…

8 Red eye tool

How much money do you need? A stupid question! The more – the better, it’s obvious!

9 Duplicate layer

Damn it! Thanks God I have a ‘Clone Stamp Tool’

10 Clone stamp tool

Painting the walls in one click… It would be fantastic!

11 Fill

So, would you like to have Photoshop in your real plastic toolkit to cope with everyday routine tasks easily? Could you even think about such fantastic things before? No doubt, this young girl, Flora Borsi has a special world outlook. Such people add colors and magic to our life. They make us look at simple things differently. Our life would be a bore without guys and girls like her. Do you have your own opinion about this series of photos? What did they make you think of? C’mon, please share your thoughts at the comment section. We will appreciate that!

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