Successful designer. How to start earning more?

Successful designer. How to start earning more?

Howdy, my name is Pavel. I am a designer and I think that I have lots of experience at what I do. I am currently employed by big Canadian company that develops various applications for mobile devices. Let’s not get too commercial and not call any names.

It will be series of posts about design, freelance and success.

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4. Designer’s problems: Lack of orders. What to do?

“I am a designer and I constantly communicate with my colleagues, we share our experience and interesting observations. I’ve noticed that some of them, who I personally consider professionals, sometimes do not have enough orders and projects”.
Pavel Poloskov / designer

And that is not due to the fact that they have lack of experience or their works do not reach the high standards. The main issue is work management; they simply do not know how to get maximum productivity out of their day. This is exactly what I am going to talk about in this and next articles. This series is not only meant for beginners, I am sure that professionals will also find it interesting and even instructive.

Successful designer. How to start earning more?” – is not just a series of articles about design. It is more like a textbook or a training course that has one goal – to make You a successful and demanded specialist. Yes, we are talking about a training course and there is a reason for that. I am not going to teach you how to make beautiful designs. There are lots of tutorials for that. We shall give you some practical advice, handpicked from lots of different sources and different designers.

Successful designer. How to start earning more?” – it is a unique collection of thoughts of best designers of our time. So I am glad to welcome You to our training course 😉


What are the expectations?

The main goal is to make you a better designer, no matter on what level you are at the moment. You will have a chance to know what exactly has to be done and what you have to avoid. How to get more projects and how to get paid more for them. How to find common language with every customer. And finally, the places to look for additional income.

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