Successful designer. Office work & freelance

Successful designer. Office work & freelance

It does not matter if you are an office designer or you work at home. Our book is developed for all kinds of designers. You can be a freelancer and have new customers every day or you can work for some company, it makes no difference, our goal is exactly the same – our goal is to make You successful.

Office work is 100% guarantee.

If you work in the office you have regular income and some stability. Though, it might not be enough. That is why many designers are in the constant search of other ways of income and start freelancing. We actually think it is the best solution.

The stability of the office work + additional freelance income is simply the best possible solution.

If you are just doing freelance, you have a certain risk. You don’t get paid in the time-gap between the projects. And that is the main downside of being a freelancer. Some might argue that this time can be used for running a project of your own, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we are going to talk about that a bit later. Our point is that office work means both stability and insurance. However, you can still replace it in many other ways.

Congrats, You are a freelancer now!

Let’s get to something more specific. First of all, we have to find out where freelancer could work. There is no point to enumerate all of the freelance markets, so we’ll get straight to the main dish – the most popular and trusted places. We are also going to talk about the key points you simply have to follow and things that are better to avoid. How to fill in your profile correctly and what customers you would prefer to have, and much more.


The first freelance market we are going to talk about is We can call it the basics for finding freelance jobs and placing orders by customers.

I am sure you are already familiar with Upwork and there is no need to speak about the main advantages of it and freelance markets in general. It should be pretty clear that if it is number one on our list, it happened for a reason. However, there are certain tricky factors to be considered in advance.

First of all, it is not the best place for new designers. There are two key factors customers are looking at when it comes to Upwork: first of them is rating based on previous customer’s “stars” and number of billable hours. This way it is not hard to imagine that the most complicated order is really the first one. If you do not have a single billable hour or review listed in your profile you might simply be ignored by the most of the customers. Just be prepared for that, that’s it. Your best solution for quick start is not a long-term project, but a single little task. However, these ones seem to be the most desirable not just for you. This might seem odd but people prefer single tasks over big long-term projects. Once again you have to be very patient.

It’s just great if you are given an urgent task that has a due-today deadline. This often means that customers are not going to be that picky and simply hire the first one, who takes interest. Our advice is to take any payment rate for the first due-today project, but make sure it is not the long-term project with low payment rate.

In our opinion the best way of joining Upwork is actually asking one of your current customers run a task through Upwork. It is safe to say that all customers who use freelancers on regular basis have an account on all biggest freelance markets. In order to persuade your customer to do that you may use the simple strategy of introducing him to the pay per hour method so widely used on Upwork. This way the customer will only pay for the time spent on the project and will actually save some money. You, on the other hand, will probably lose some money, but you will gain reputation after your trusted customer gives you the top mark for the work you’ve done. And the low billable hours will be added to your profile, which will make you seem more trusted in the eyes of other potential customers.
If you do not have such projects at the moment, it is wise to try working with what you actually have. Let’s pay extra attention to your profile, which has to be very attractable for the new customers.

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    hm, Interesting article, but looks like not finished yet. Waiting for the next chapter 😉 successful designer.. interesting, really )

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      Pavel Design

      Hi Jeremy, thank you for your comment! We’ll publish next chapter asap. don’t worry, you’ll be successful designer 😉

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