upWork. Clients, cover letter and rating

upWork. Clients, cover letter and rating

Well, in our previous post we did a BIG deal! We created good profile. And now let’s talk about your potential clients.

How to choose clients on upWork?

The best customer you can find on Upwork, is the one that has been using Upwork for a very long time. Such customer usually has already spent much money and has high rankings. You can trust him. While trusting customers with rating 4 or less should be treated with more caution.

The comments and reviews of your customers are also worthy of checking out (especially if you are talking about the long-term project). You can get second opinion on the pricing rates and find out possible problems that might occur with this specific customer.

There is one key element here. There are customers that have great profiles, but they have lots of projects marked “In progress”, which have been started not so long ago and very often approximately at the same time. This might be a sign of fraud. There is a big possibility such customer is going to abandon the site at the same time and leave all the employees without the payment simultaneously. 

Cover letter (a letter to a future clients)

We think that it is actually one the most essential elements on Upwork – a well-composed cover letter. You have just few sentences to persuade the customer that:

  • You are able to complete the task;
  • You understand PRD (your task) correctly;
  • It is going to be easy to communicate and interact with you;
  • There are not going to be any unforeseen circumstances;

The main rule here is: do not copy the examples given by Upwork. Every second resume starts with the words “over the last 5 years”. You can only imagine how sick of this might the customers be. Tons of profiles and letters looking alike, not even mentioning the same done to death templates created by agencies. Stay personal, use your own words, and avoid the clichés.

Also, be specific about what you do. For instance, if you specialize in user interface design, it is better to put UI Designer on your portfolio instead of simply stating Designer – include both of them, but put them in two different categories of course.
While writing a cover letter, pay extra attention to the description of the project. In order to have an excessive advantage over cover letters of your rivals, you have to demonstrate that you really understand the project you are willing to take. However do not overreach, just keep it straight to the point.

Your rating on upWork

Another important factor that has to be mentioned separately is your user’s rating. We’ve spoken earlier about finding a suitable employer and start a project. Now, we are going to speak about the ways of being found by future customers yourself. High rating is going to give you an advantage and make you look more trusted in the eyes of potential customers.
Let me tell you a bit of my personal experience. To be perfectly honest, I have started working on Upwork only because one of my customers asked me to (we had to calculate the exact number of hours). That is why I did not have a problem of finding my first customer. It means that I have not been looking for new orders in the beginning. Sooner or later I had to do that anyway. That was a surprise for me, because it turned out to be rather difficult. Even though that I had lots of billable hours.

One of my customers offered me a due-today job for a very small pay rate, but promised a 5-star rating with an outstanding review. I took the job and finished it in a couple of hours, received the 5-star rating I was promised and went to bed. But the real shocker came in the morning. It was a very nice surprise for me to find out how many job offers I had that day. And I can definitely say it was all about the rating, because there were no other changes in my profile.
Pavel Poloskov / designer

And one more thing.. I really want to help you. So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask (private message or comment). I’ll try to help you be successful designer on upWork.

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