upWork. How to fill in your profile correctly?

upWork. How to fill in your profile correctly?

Photo: It all starts with the photo. It needs to be a photo where your face is clearly visible. It’s important that it is going to be just your photo, without anyone or anything on the background. You also have to look rather serious on that photo, especially when it comes to young designers. Sadly, people still have to deal with customer’s prejudices and stereotypes concerning the age.

Description: It is very important to make your description look like actual readable text, not just the list of your skills and experiences. No one says that your skills are not the main dish, but the customers often value the way freelancer sell himself, that is why it is advised to give maximum information about yourself and your skills, and make that information interesting.

Tests: Yes, that is an obligatory part. The more tests you pass the better. The reasons are rather simple: first of all, majority of customers use this as a filter for the search of potential employees (the tests do not necessarily have to correspond with the work, but it is the mere presence of them in your portfolio that will guarantee the higher rankings in Upwork’s search engine.
Needless to say that employer is sometimes looking for a very specific candidate for his project, so the filter will probably target only the candidates that passed a certain test. The higher rank on the test you gain the more chances you have to be noticed. However, being overzealous and passing all the relevant tests is just too much: your goal is to target the top 30% and that will suffice.

Porfolio: Don’t make it look bloated. It will be just enough if you include up to 7-10 best projects you’ve done.

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